Why I Ride

I have had the pony bug since before I can remember. I’ve actually ridden longer than I have web developed or designed. I’ve always had an inclination toward art and horses. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born into a family or situation that could support both, but despite that, I have always had a special love for horses and have always wanted to focus on advancing in show jumping.

I love the rush of competition, and I love winning, but I also love the premise of equestrian sports. It is like web development and design in that it’s about communication. Design is visual communication, and riding is communication based on feel. Riding disconnects me from the world for a second. I’m very busy minded, always thinking about how I can make my next client’s project awesome. Rings of code wrap round my head, and my brain just chatters. On a horse, though, I am at peace, and everything goes away. Riding is my getaway.

I also love teaching the horses. They’re so smart and they’re so happy when they finally get what you’re asking. I love feeling that light bulb moment in them. When they like what they do, picking apart your signals is like a puzzle for them, and when they figure out the puzzle or do well, they light up. That light bulb moment and that happy, satisfied strut out of the arena makes everyday I do this worth it.