Creative Solutions Save Oscar

Hello, I’m Amy, a web developing, graphic designing equestrian. CSS Oscar is the business name under which I freelance. It is also a movement I am starting to aid struggling amateur horse back riders in their competitive career.

A quick internet search will define CSS as standing for Cascading Style Sheets, a language web developers use to make websites look awesome. However, in CSS Oscar, CSS stands for “Creative Solutions Save”. Ironically, it is Cascading Style Sheets I am using to invent Creative Solutions to Save Oscar. Oscar is the name of my current competition mount. He is in no physical danger. However, he is in danger of needing to find a new home. Without freelancing in addition to working full-time, I can not afford him.

Oscar symbolizes the next rung in my ladder to achieving more in the sport of show jumping. I have successfully shown up to 1.15M, and Oscar may be capable of jumping bigger than that. I don’t want to sell him until I get him to the peak of his scope. Letting him go would be letting go the closest chance I’ve ever had at advancing my show career.

It is an unfortunate reality in the sport of show jumping that a rider can only be as good as their horse. The opposite is also true. A horse can only be as good as their rider. It takes a special type of athleticism in a horse and in a rider to perform at high levels in the sport. Some athletes don’t have the mental or physical ability. Some athletes don’t have the horse power and some don’t have the money to get to the next show. As the jumps get bigger, horses, competition and maintenance become expensive.

The expense and time it takes to establish and maintain such a high level of training make higher goals in the sport impossible for some riders. My overarching goal is to through CSS Oscar be able to reach out and help riders with this struggle, perhaps saving other riders’ Oscar, and even making the sport available to people it wouldn’t be available to otherwise. See how I intend to do that by clicking here. I also hope for this movement to allow me to keep riding and advancing horses like Oscar in their career. With CSS Oscar I would like to keep alive the concept that if one works hard enough, one can accomplish anything in equestrian sports.

Keep climbing that ladder, and happy riding!