Meet Oscar

Oscar is a real horse! He is owned by Anne Marie Muller, and is my current project, lease, and competition mount. I had been dormant for some time in pushing to get freelance work and expand myself as a developer and designer beyond my full-time job until my living expenses increased to a point in which I could no longer afford Oscar. It is Oscar who lit a fire under me to try and keep him around longer to be able to see him to the peak of his scope, and it is Oscar who has inspired some of my most innovative work.

Oscar is a pretty cool horse with a great mindset. He has a surprising aptitude towards jumping, considering he’s a Thoroughbred. He spent the first part of his life on the track, and actually was a pretty good race horse. Now he is being retrained and brought along as a jumper. He is incredibly smart, moving up quickly and tackling 1.05M in AA competition, after only attending 6 total hunter/jumper shows in his life. He has scope to do more. The peak of his scope is yet to be determined.

I blog about Oscar’s progress and also post video of him on my Youtube channel.

Read about Oscar’s progress.

See video of Oscar go.