How to Apply for a Sponsorship

Applying for a sponsorship is easy and open to any rider, especially amateur riders, with a goal to better themselves in horse sports. This isn’t just for show jumpers. This is for dressage riders, eventers, and even western riders! Check out the Count Down page to see when a sponsorship is available and how long you have to apply.

Write about yourself. Tell me your story, and your goals, and what you would do with the sponsorship if you got it. There is no length requirement, but please try to be concise and limit applications to 600 words.

View an example application.

Find two photos of you riding. Make sure they are different and show two distinct aspects in your training.

For example, if you jump, pick one photo of you flatting and one photo of you jumping. If you are a dressage rider, pick one photo of you working long and low at a trot, and one photo of you working at a collected canter. Those are just examples. Make sure the photos aren’t of the same gait or same type of work.

View an example of acceptable photo combinations.

Save your application and photos using whatever file format you are comfortable using (Word, PDF, JPG etc.).

Attach those files to an email. In the email include your full name, what city, state/province, and country you’re from, your age, and what discipline you want to compete in. Send the email to

Winners and finalists are chosen based on many factors. CSS Oscar is looking to give sponsorships to riders who have little to no money they can dedicate to their high riding goals, work two or three jobs to support them and their horse, possess good skills, have been training for a long time, have created innovative solutions to stay fit — despite not riding every day — have a competitive mind set focused on competing actively in equestrian sports, and/or have high goals.

It will be announced on this site when finalists and a winner are chosen. Winners and finalists will be sent an email asking for details on where to send their sponsorship and prizes.

Winners recieve a check for the sponsorship amount detailed on the Count Down page. Winners and finalists recieve a custom saddle pad, a certificate, and all are recognized on this site.

*CSS Oscar reserves the right to refuse sponsorship to any applicant at any time for causes it deems reasonable and appropriate to do so.